About Homies Empowerment

Homies Empowerment is a grass-roots community development organization based out of Oakland, California. WE believe that everyone has a warrior, healer, hustler and scholar inside of us, and we are all in the process of our collective emancipation. 

About Fare Community Kitchen

Fare Community Kitchen believes that access to healthy food is a human right. We work with food assistance organizations to distribute meals to those in need. We purchase from organic and local farms and aim to create empowering hospitality jobs by providing full health benefits, paid time off and a happy, respectful working environment. We would like to be part of the long-term solution to ensuring everyone has access to healthy food. @farecommunitykitchen

The Homies Empowerment FREEdom Store

One week after the local and State Shelter In Place (SIP) order, Homies Empowerment shifted away from a school design project and into the deployment of the FREEdom Store. We realized that as schools, churches and public service agencies closed, it was imperative for the FREEdom Store to OPEN our doors to our people who historically have been made invisible and neglected.


For the past 17 weeks, the FREEdom Store served an average of 400 households and 1,500 individuals, 45-60% of which were children under 18. The need has grown during the summer months when the local Unified School Districts have limited services for our students and families (Out of 87 Oakland schools only 27 of them are offering a food pantry). Moreover, as the economy struggles and unemployment rises, our families and communities will require basic needs for survival.

Every donation matters.

Every share matters.

Thank you for standing in solidarity and for all that you do!

To do this work, WE need YOUR solidarity. We are blessed to provide food and health/hygiene supplies to the people on a weekly basis, but WE need your support to continue to do so.

Our Call to Action

For the past 4 weeks, Fare Community Kitchen has successfully provided much-needed staple grocery items and fresh, organic produce to the FREEdom store communities, and we need to keep it going! Like Homies Empowerment, we believe in Social Equity and Radical (re)Distribution of Resources... Solidarity and NOT charity! We are seeking financial sponsorship in order to purchase and redistribute these necessary items to communities that deserve them.



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